Wendy Carey
Jane Hunt
Rosalia Curbelo
Crystal Jaudon
Rachel Finley
Ashley Christine
Mike Turner
Alex Fabregat
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“I Am Only Human” is a benefit show to raise awareness and bring enlightenment to issues surrounding adoption and motherhood. Featuring visual art by Rosalia Curbelo, Jane Hunt, Crystal Jaudon, Mike Turner, and Wendy Carey. Saving Our Sisters is a grassroots organization that provides financial and emotional support to expectant mothers helping them avoid making a permanent choice about adoption due to temporary life challenges during pregnancy.

Art Preview and Advance Purchase Opportunity  

6pm - 8pm


Performances Begin at 8pm


Always and continuously dedicated to my children, Chris, Nick, Anneka, Collin and Oliver

For Sponsorship Information please contact the event organizer by Email.

© 2013 Wendy Figg

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